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The Nigra Arbvitae, also known as the Dark Green Arborvitae, is a hardy,low maintenance tree.  It is a great choice as a privacy screen.  It is one of the best variesties for cold, Nigra will keep its dark green color all winter long.  Disease resistance and insect resistance.  Mature size 20'-30' tall and 4'-10' spread.  Zone 3-7.  Mature form is pyramidal.  Moderate growth rate.  Full sun.  This is an evergreen tree.

Price: $190.99



The Norway Spruce can grow to Christmas Tree height in as little as three years.  It will continue to grow rapidly to a mature height of 50'.  A dense tree that easily blocks out wind and neighbors, it is ideal for use as a privacy barrier.  Attracts and creates a safe haven for wildlife.  This Norway Spruce is the most disease resistant you can find.  Plant every 8'-10' for a solid green privacy screen.  Zone 2-6  Full sun.  

Price: $169.99



This tree selected for its uniform, upright pyramidal habit and attractive foliage.  Densely branches with moderate growth rate and beautiful white and brown mottled bark.  Very resistant to frost cracking and kisease.  The large serrated lobed leaves turn coppery-bronze in the fall .  The mottled silver bark is extremely showy and adds significant winter interest.  Mature size will be 60' tall and 45' head spread.  Zone 4-9

Price: $199.99



This is a tall, pyramidal shade tree with interesting shaped leaves that turn a lovely maroon in the fall.  Crown becomes more rounded with maturity.  This variety is completley SEEDLESS.  No mess no clean up.  Happydaze is a deciduous tree with a strong central leader.  Full sun.  Mature size 60' tall and 30' wide.  Grows at a fast rate do not put under power lines.  Zone zone 5-9

Price: $219.99



The Dawn Redwood tree is an unusual member of the rewood family still exists in China, shedding its leaves in the fall.  Grows consistently into a pyramidal form and makes an attractive shade tree.  Full sun,  Zone 6-9.  Mature size 40'-50' tall 30'-40' wide.  Moderate growth rate.

Price: $99.99



Many pea like lavender flowers appear early spring before the leaves.  Heart shapped leaves in deep apricot appear and mature through shades of orange, gold and yellow with all colors present at once.  Foliage turns a shade of lime green in the summer heat.  Resists heat and burn.   Full sun.  mature size reaches 8' to 12' tall and 8' wide.  Zone 5-9

Price: $199.99



Ther Merlot Redbud tree is a deciduous tree that has large rounded glossy dark purple leaves.  Its tight dense habit make it perfect for smaller yards.  Strong, dark pink sweet pea-like blooms arrive on the bare stems in early spring.  grows 10'-15' tall and wide.  zone 6-8  Full sun.  

Price: $169.99



This tree looks great in any landscping, in any season.  Its rosy blooms announce the arrival of spring, and its lovely heart-shaped leadves offer gentle shade in summer.  Sun to part shade.  Zone 5-9.  Moist well drained soil.  Mature size is 20'-30' tall and 25'-35' wide.    

Price: $179.99



The Tulip Popular tree is also called the Yellow Popular or Tulip tree.  This tree is a large, stately, deciduous trees.  Mature size is 60'-90- tall and wide.  Zone 4-9, fast growing.  Yellow with orange band at the petal base blooms un May and June.  full sun.  Great shade tree.  Large tulip shaped leaves.  Will tolerate most soil conditions.

Price: $275.99



The White Pine is a fast growing (2'-3') per year or more evergreen that has needles of of from 3-6' long.  In September or October the White Pine will shed some of its needles.. fun sun to part shade. Great for a blind  Zone 3-7.  Mature size 80' tall 25' wide.  This tree has long life span.  FULLY SHEARED.  VERY NICE.

Price: $169.99


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